Lele Buonerba is a Milan-based graphic designer working in the contemporary art and design fields.


June 2021 • File under: Product Photography

In 2021 I shot and edited a series of photographs of Clip, a functional piece of jewlery designed by Nina Ballay in collaboration with Marion Colasse. Model: Laurel Hauge.

Galleria Raffaella Cortese

2019–Present • File under: Contemporary Art

As Visual Designer & Communications Specialist with Galleria Raffaella Cortese—a leading contemporary art gallery in Milan—I am responsible for maintaining the gallery’s visual identity, producing digital content for social media and newsletters, shooting and editing exhibition videos, designing print and digital advertisements, as well as conceptualizing, researching, and designing online viewing rooms. As the principal figure creating visuals at the gallery, I also oversee the production of PDF presentations of available works, in-depth dossiers, and artist portfolios, as well as renders of booth proposals for art fair applications and exhibition projects.

Selected projects include Nazgol Ansarinia – Pools and Voids, an online viewing room featuring two brief videos I edited about the Iranian artist’s studio and recent research; Jitka Hanzlová – Architectures of Life, a digital presentation featuring an hour‑long video conversation between the Czech artist and curator Urs Stahel I edited; conceptualizing, researching and preparing materials for the Focus On: Monica Bonvicini and Focus On: Luisa Lambri viewing rooms; shooting and editing footage as well as animating text, graphics, and artworks for the Franco Vimercati – Un minuto di fotografia exhibition video.

On the occasion of the Frieze New York Online Viewing Room (May 8–15, 2020), I produced a high-quality rendering of the exhibition project originally planned for the in-person event, a fair booth featuring works by Silvia Bächli and Luisa Lambri.

Attenti al Cane: Twentysix Dogs Found on Street View

August 2019 • File under: Editorial Design

In the summer of 2018, after my partner Laurel moved to New York and I was still living in Milan, we started to collect screenshots of dogs found on Google Street view. This process, which began on a video call during which we were exploring small towns to potentially drive through on Laurel’s upcoming trip to Italy, became a way for us to feel like we were in the same place even though there was still an ocean between us. Over the weeks we spent separated the collected screenshots started to take book form, and in August 2019 we founded our own small publishing company, Have a Nice Day Press. On August 30th we launched our first publication, Attenti al Cane: Twentysix Dogs Found on Street View.

Read more about Attenti al Cane: Twentysix Dogs Found on Street View on the Have a Nice Day Press website.

Listen Now: The Strategies and Practices of Sound Art

January 2018 • File under: Editorial Design, Contemporary Art

For my final thesis project at NABA, I researched, wrote and designed a book about contemporary art forms employing sound.

You can read an excerpt from the book here.


June 2017 • File under: Editorial Design, Club Culture

Clubspotting is a magazine about contemporary club culture. Designed in collaboration with Miriam Battini and Sarah Saleh.

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