Milan Design Week Day Four: Kate Tempest, Portico & Kindness at Elita DWF10

It's been a hell of a month, but I've finally managed to process the photos I shot at Elita Design Week Festival on Thursday. The artists performing were Kate Tempest, Portico, Kindness and Kiasmos, but unfortunately I couldn't stay for the latter's performance. On the bright side, Kindness' show was incredible! There was a really great vibe – the music was upbeat, groovy, and rich, but most of all, the band onstage danced and jumped around throughout the whole gig. Kate Tempest was surprisingly good – I went to the Teatro Parenti with no expectations whatsoever from her, but I was truly blown away by the British rapper's verses.

I'll do my best to publish the final two photo essays from Design Week over the weekend. No promises, though – I'm hard at work on a couple of projects I can't wait to share more details about with you!