Introducing DAMN

Today I'd like to introduce the world to something I've been hard at work on for the past couple of months. If a year ago, when I was doing my high school finals, somebody told me that I would have accomplished something like this, I wouldn't have believed them. University has been fantastic so far, and it's been a hell of a ride. So, what's all this fuss about?

DAMN is a self-published magazine about Design, Art, Music & Nightlife created by myself. I came up with the concept, sought out the people I wanted to interview, shot and processed tons of photos (some of which you might have already seen), and designed the entire 100-page publication.

The first issue is about music in Milan. It features exclusive interviews, photo essays and playlists from PanoramaFuturegroundTerraforma and Larry Gus. I'll soon publish a more detailed summary of the content to be found within the zine.

DAMN will be published quarterly, with each issue revolving around a different theme. DAMN 01 ships in early August 2015. Pre-order today!

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