Milan Design Week Day Six: Gui Boratto & Ninos du Brasil at Elita DWF10

This year's Design Week was a blast, and ended with a bang (at least for me). On Sunday evening, careless of how little I had rested during the week, I went to the last Elita Design Week Festival concert at Teatro Franco Parenti. I didn't make it in time for Coma and Dardust, and I had to leave before Gilles Peterson & MC Earl Zinger started their performance, but I didn't miss the acts I had came for: Gui Boratto and Ninos Du Brasil. They both share a strong connection with Brazil: the former is a Brazilian electronic music producer, the latter are batucada (a percussive samba influenced by African music) enthusiasts. Ninos Du Brasil is formed by Nicolò Fortuni and Nico Vascellari, two Italian artists coming from the local punk scene. Their tracks are largely based on percussion (especially drums), but also incorporate electronic music. Their latest LP, Novos Mistérios, came out on Hospital Productions, but they've since been signed to DFA Records, through which they've released a single. The show, albeit brief because of timetable issues, was an incredible experience. Trance-inducing electronics, body-shaking percussion and copious amounts of confetti made for one of the most intense concerts I had been to in a while.