Milan Design Week Day One: Benjamin Clementine at Elita DFW10

Last week Elita hosted its tenth Design Week Festival. During the opening night at the Teatro Parenti talented singer/songwriter/pianist Benjamin Clementine played an intimate set to a massive crowd (since the entry fee was only €1). Clementine got onstage barefoot and without a shirt under his blazer, sat in front of piano, and started to play. His beautiful voice resonated through the venue and delighted the crowd. I was very impressed by Benjamin's vocal performance and his playing skills – during an encore set towards the end of the concert he even improvised a song. Its Gil Scott-Heron-esque lyrics were based on the "play Jimi Hendrix!" suggestion he got from the crowd when he said that he'd ran out of songs. Clementine also (partially) performed Lucio Dalla classic Caruso, inviting the crowd to sing. The whole set was very moving, and was a truly great start for DWF10.