Ariel Pink and Larry Gus at Tunnel

Yesterday I had the pleasure to attend Elita's Design Week Festival 10 warm-up show at Tunnel, a small venue in Milan. The first to go on stage was Larry Gus, one of DFA Records' most creative, experimental and unconventional artists. He's been working on new material and is going to New York next week to mix the new LP. His live set was full of energy – using live loops, samples, a drum and vocals ranging from whispers to shouts, Larry Gus got people in the right mood to dance from the very first moment the headlining act, Ariel Pink, got on stage. The eclectic LA-based multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer, backed by a 6-piece band, played a colorful and diverse set. It was the most fun live concert I had been to since Arcade Fire's show at the Castello Scaligero. Thanks to poppy lyrics, heavy metal riffs, 80s-style synthesizers, and driving basslines, the band kept the crowd moving throughout the whole show.

I took my new Fuji X100S to the gig. I've completely fallen in love with it since I got it last week (you can check out the photos I shot on my first day with it on my Facebook page). It's always a pleasure to shoot with, even in challenging situations like concerts. Since it's a lot smaller than bulky DSLRs, it can be easily smuggled in a venue. All the the photographs in the gallery above were shot on the Fuji. Many have said it before me, but I can't stop looking at these images and thinking that the Fuji's color reproduction is absolutely superb.