Apulia + Matera = iPhone Photography

How visiting Southern Italy made me fall in love with iPhone photography all over again

I've been a fan of iPhone photography since I bought my iPhone 4S back in December 2011. It's the same device I use to shoot and edit the photographs I post to Instagram today. I first downloaded the now-ubiquitous photography app way back in April 2011, and started using it to make half decent pictures out of my iPhone 3G's terrible sensor and lens. To date I've posted nearly 750 images to my Instagram profile, all of which have been shot and edited using an iPhone. The way smartphones have impacted the world of photography is truly incredible – from the introduction of new workflows in which shooting, editing and posting take place in a matter of minutes, to the newborn interest in "filters" and giving images a vintage look, to the love-it-or-hate-it worldwide phenomenon commonly referred to as selfies.

Last week I was on vacation in Southern Italy with my family. We visited a myriad of places, including Castel del Monte, Polignano a Mare, Lecce, Otranto, Castro, Gallipoli (in Apulia) and Matera (in Basilicata). The heat was unbearable in Apulia, and I just wasn't in the mood to bring around my beastly DSLR and lenses – I wanted to enjoy the discovery of these beautiful places I had never been to. That's why I decided to leave my camera bag in the car and take pictures using my iPhone.

A month ago I went to an event about iPhone Photography at the Apple Store in Regent Street, London. Hearing and speaking to the host Dan Rubin and the guest Alistair Wheeler was truly inspiring. The whole interview is available to stream or download as a Podcast on the iTunes Store. I was already a user of the fantastic VSCOcam, but Alistair introduced me to two more iPhone photography apps that are now part of my go-to workflow: Skrwt and Mextures. I highly recommend using these apps to process and edit on your iPhone.

Enough with the talking. The images below are the best ones I shot with my iPhone during my vacation in Southern Italy. Enjoy!