How to access Super Secret Settings in Tweetbot 2.4.1 (updated for 2.4.2)

As you might know, Tweetbot has been updated to version 2.4.1. In this build, the Super Secret Settings we all loved have been hidden and changed. Using this simple hack, you can go back to accessing the secret menu.

First you have to go to the settings view in Tweetbot (2.4.1) and scroll to the bottom. Now you have to swipe over the credits text and then triple tap on both of the sides of the text.

Unfortunately, we have lost the great ability to stream tweets over cellular. Those of you with jailbroken devices can still change the client name (Custom Oauth) using iFile.

Source: Hitoriblog via ReagentX

Update: you can access Super Secret Settings in Tweetbot 2.4.2 by simply swiping twice and then tapping three times at the sides (see image above and swipe twice instead of once). Thanks, Asad (comment below)!