Supercharge your Pocket with IFTTT

By setting up some simple tasks in IFTTT ("if this then that", a free web service that "puts the internet to the work for you") you'll be able to do much more with your Pocket account.

Many of you might already know about the fantastic Pocket (formerly Read It Later). It's a great service for many reasons -- it's cloud based so all the items in your Pocket are kept in sync between multiple devices, both the web version and official apps have a wonderful UI, many third party apps support it as a read later service (Tweetbot for example) and, best of all, it's free.

This is how the service works: you send a webpage to your Pocket using a bookmarklet or an app can do that using APIs (or also by emailing a link to you open your Pocket, you see the content you sent there optimized in a clutter-free article view.

Pocket is already fantastic and easy to use, what else could I do with it?

Ifttt is the answer. By setting up some of these simple recipes, you'll be able to use your Pocket for many more tasks (and simplify some of them). Let's see some of the most useful.

Mark Watch Later on Youtube / Vimeo and save it to Pocket!

This is my favorite. If you want to send an embedded YouTube / Vimeo video to your Pocket, you have to load the whole YouTube / Vimeo web page and then use the bookmarklet. By activating this recipe, you can use YouTube or Vimeo's Watch Later button, which is embedded.

How to set up this recipe: this is quite easy, just go here for YouTube or here for Vimeo. If you want you can add more tags or remove the default ones. I think it's nice to have all the items in my Pocket organized neatly in tags, so I kept them for my ifttt task.

Save starred items from Google Reader to Pocket

If you use Google Reader and you're looking for a super fast way to send articles from your favorite feed gatherer and reader, you've found it. With this recipe when you star an article in Google Reader, it automagically ends up in your Pocket. As before, you can add cutom tags. I don't like this task very much because the status of the item (read vs unread) isn't synced but I'm sure some of you will find it useful.

Save favorited tweets with links to Pocket

By setting up this recipe the links contained in your favorites tweets get put in your Pocket. You can add custom tags to links coming from favorites tweets. This a pretty cool task, even though all the Twitter clients I use have Pocket integration that doesn't require to mark a tweet as favorite.

Add new items from an RSS Feed to Pocket

This action is a bit more tricky to set up and maybe not many of you will end up using it. I personally fell in love with Pocket and it's UI so I now use this recipe instead of Google Reader to get my news. Since I was subscribed to only 2 blogs (9to5mac and iDownloadBlog's jailbreak section), I don't get so many posts each day and Pocket suits my reading needs.

How to set up this recipe: first of all, you need to find the RSS feed URL. Many sites display an RSS icon that links to the URL you're looking for and if you already used RSS, you probably know how to find the feed's URL. Copy it in the text bar in step 1. Then add or edit tags as desired. The only inconvenience is that you need to do this procedure for each RSS feed and there isn't any way to batch subscribe to multiple RSS feeds using this ifttt recipe.

I hope this tutorial was helpful and that you'll love Pocket and ifttt as much as I do. You can find more Pocket recipes here.

If you need any help with Pocket or IFTTT, feel free to ask in the comment section below.