During the past week of Easter vacations I've been to Shanghai with my family.

If you like stats, you can check out the enormous Chinese city's Wikipedia page.

The first thing I noticed after I got off the Air China plane was this: the Great Firewall of China exists, and blocks access to Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Luckily I had came prepared and had set up a VPN service, Cloak, on my iPhone and MacBook Pro. It's a really nice app even though it's still in beta phase.

The second thing I noticed is that all cars that aren't MPVs or SUVs (rare) are sedans. Literally. At least 85% of cars in Shanghai are sedans. And 99% of taxis are Volkswagen Santana 3000, a low-cost model built by the German car maker in China. In Milan I'm used to see lots of different types of cars ranging from super small city cars to big SUVs and MPVs, and not just big, comfortable, classy sedans (driven by hired drivers).

The last first-impact thing I want to tell you about is the remarkable pollution and grey sky. Being used to Milan's bright blue sky, seeing a grey sunrise in China was quite a shock. I was lucky enough to take some decent pictures of the sky too.

I've been touring around Shanghai (and Suzhou) for 6 full days and I've taken a massive load of pictures with both my Nikon D5000 DSLR and iPhone 4S. In the gallery you can find some of the best ones. All iPhone photos are Instagrams.

I hope you liked the photos!