Philip Schiller's favorite cars

A few days before the New iPad keynote, on 4th March 2012, I had an interesting chat on Twitter with Philip W. Schiller, Apple Senior Vice President and Worldwide Marketing executive. On that day he was very active on the social network and answered to many of his fans' questions. I asked him what his favorite cars were, and he answered me. Read more after the break.

This was the answer I got:

@lelebuonerba so many favs to choose from: McLaren F1, Aston DB4 GT, Porsche 550A, Ferrari P4, Ford GT/40, Jaguar D-type, Lambo Miura...

— Philip Schiller (@pschiller) Marzo 4, 2012

The answer he gave me is very interesting, as he mentioned some of the best cars of all time. The McLaren F1, the first modern supercar, the Aston DB4 GT, one of the most astonishing Astons, the Porsche 550A, a wonderful Porsche that I didn't know about, the Ferrari P4, the best Endurance racer Ferrari ever made, the Ford GT/40, an American icon, the Jaguar D-type, another classic racer and finally the Lamborfgini Miura, the mother of all supercars. You might think he likes old cars more than new ones, and it might be true, but he also appreciates new cars like the one he drives. Later that evening, Schiller sent me a DM revealing and commenting on the car he drives, an Audi R8.

"I drive my Audi R8 the most. I feel lucky to be able to drive it, it's incredible."

Do you agree with Schiller's favorite cars? Do you think his R8 is a V8 or a V10?